Our mission is to provide thought leaders and counsellors who combine academic rigor with solid real-world experience to help clients manage reputation through a process that focuses on business practice, communication and organisational identity. 

Specially selected for their experience, knowledge and passion in furthering management understanding and insights into reputation, members of the Mindful Reputation team are notable individuals in their own right and bring their vast and practical expertise to clients. 

Sandra Macleod

Sandra Macleod advises leaders on reputation.

Sandra MacleodAs one of the founders of the International Association of Measurement and Evaluation Companies (amec), Macleod has focused her efforts on increasing the evidence-based counsel and professionalism of communications and reputation management for over 25 years.

A Companion of the Chartered Institute of Management and a member of the McKinsey Women as Leaders’ Forum,  Sandra is cited as 'among the 100 most influential people in PR’ by PR  Week. 

From an early career at Edelman Public Relations in London and Information et Entreprise in Paris, Sandra became head of communications at PA Management Consulting before setting up the first international franchise for media analysis company, CARMA International, in 1989.  Ten years on, she then set up Echo Research as a full-service global research firm with offices in the London, Paris, New York and Singapore.  Winning a record-breaking 89 industry awards for innovation and excellence in research, the Echo group was acquired by Ebiquity PLC in 2011 and rebranded under the same name in 2013.

Sandra has served on the Council of the International Business Leaders’ Forum, on the Board of the Institute of Public Relations, on the Board of the Department of Trade and Industry’s  Business Links, and on the Appeal Board of I CAN, the charity for the children with special needs.

Sandra currently sits on the Board of the Arthur W Page Society and University of Oxford’s Public Affairs Advisory Group.  She is also Visiting Professor on Reputation at the  NYU Public Relations and Corporate Communication masters program, New York.

Professor John Doorley

John DoorleyProfessor John Doorley of New York University was head of corporate communication at Merck until 2000 during which time it was named America’s Most Admired Company seven times in the annual Fortune Magazine Survey. He later became founding academic director of the graduate program in public relations and corporate communication at New York University and developed it into the world’s largest such graduate program, which was named America’s Best Public Relations Academic Program twice (by PR Week). 

Professor Doorley built and taught the world’s first graduate course in reputation management at NYU, copyrighted the template process called Comprehensive Reputation Management, and co-authored the leading, peer-reviewed text, Reputation Management, the third edition of which will be published in 2014.  He is also co-author of Rethinking Reputation from St. Martin’s Press which premiered in 2012 at number 12 on the Amazon list of Best Selling Business Management Books.

 In 2009 he worked with the Communication Leadership at Johnson & Johnson to develop the Academy for Communication Excellence & Leadership (ACCEL), now one of industry’s most successful career development initiatives for communication professionals.